Massages & solarium at the 5-star Seehof Hotel in Salzkammergut

Spa on Lake Mondsee in Austria

In the Seehof main building you will find a gym as well as massage offers and a solarium. Enjoy pure recreation here as well as in the Finnish sauna right on the lake and benefit from many other advantages of the private beach on Lake Mondsee and the huge park. 

Massage & Solarium at Seehof Mondsee, Salzkammergut
Relaxation in the Seehof Mondsee Spa

Massages, solarium and Finnish sauna: Hotel Seehof is not your usual spa hotel. But the huge spaces, the quiet and the beauty makes it a perfect “Recreation Hotel”. 

Massages at Seehof 

It is only after a massage that you will realise how pleasantly relaxed your body can be. Another reason for indulging in a massage by our trained experts. You are in best hands with Lisa and Anita: Mon, Wed and Fri mornings and on request the rest of the week. 

Our massage offers

Part-body massage

Length: 25 minutes – Euro 40.00
The classic part-body massage eases the muscles, stimulates the blood circulation in the tissue and eases tensions.

Classic full-body massage

Length: 50  minutes – Euro 65.00

Let us pamper you from head to toe!

During this massage the blood circulation in tissue and skin is stimulated, which has a positive effect on your circulation and your wellbeing.

Foot reflexology

Length: 30  minutes – Euro 45.00

This massage is based on the theory that every organ has a corresponding zone on the sole or instep. If one of these zones is stimulated by a massage it has a positive effect on the respective organ.

Two in one massage

Length: 50  minutes – Euro 65.00

A combination of back massage and foot reflexology.

Tensions are eased, stasis in the energy flow is removed and afterwards the whole organism is activated.

Lymph drainage

Length:  25 minutes – Euro 40.00

This is a massage technique whereby the lymph flow is stimulated by gentle strokes over the skin, which also helps to remove toxins. This massage does not only promote the detox process but also strengthens the immune system.

Solarium – for a pleasant tan 

A nice tan even on not so sunny days: the sunbed in the Seehof main building provides your dose of artificial sunlight. The sessions are not only pleasant but also calming and almost meditative. By the way: shorter and not so intense sessions will not only give you a nice tan but will also help with skin irritations. 

We would kindly ask you to book your massage appointment in advance; we will then do everything we can to secure your preferred date and time at Hotel Seehof Mondsee. We are available by phone for you, call us for your enquiry or use our online enquiry form


Attention direct bookers!

Also this year - relax and recharge your batteries in the Hotel Seehof

  • 50,000 m² offer enough space for every single guest of our 35 rooms
  • Generous beach with enough loungers for relaxing sunbathing
  • Private sauna with direct lake access can be reserved solely for you and your companion!
  • A daily newspaper of your choice for free
  • Green fee reduction on the surrounding golf courses

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