Salt mines in Hallstatt, Hallein and Altaussee

Walk deep into the mountains and the region's history

The Salzkammergut and the whole region owe a lot to the “white gold” that has been won from the tunnels deep inside the mountain. Today three of these tunnel systems have been converted into spectacular “museums” and are perfect for excursions; a great tip for rainy days. 

Salt mines in the Salzkammergut
The salt mines in the Salzkammergut

Many valley names and geographic descriptions show how much appreciation the region has to salt. Even the old local name for salt - “Hall” - does its part. In order to trace back the salt resources and with it the holiday resort's history take a trip deep into the mountain. 

Salt mines – first-class experiences 

A tour through the mountain is not only educational but above all impressive and fun. Great experiences await you with the open tunnel railway and the traditional slides that helped the miners to make their way through the tunnels more quickly. Salt lakes, light installations and relicts from former times are also on the programme. 

Hallstatt – up and inside the mountain

The panorama cable car leads you from Hallstatt up to the Salzberg salt mountain. Here you will find the world's best-preserved tunnel system: A trip to Hallstatt, only 50 minutes away from your hotel on Lake Mondsee, is perfect for rainy days. 


Salt is still mined at Austria's biggest salt deposit. The chapel with an altar made of salt-stone is one of its kind. As unique as the chapel as diverse is the history: during the war the Nazis used the tunnels to hide 7,000 art works. At the end of the war the tunnel system was supposed to be destroyed by aerial bombs in order to prevent the allies to get their hands on the art pieces. The miners at the time stopped the ludicrous plans and therefore today you can visit the tunnels and the art works are also preserved – just not in Altaussee. 

Modern art in the "Salzwelten'' around Saluzburg
History and modern culture melt together at the museums of Salzburg

Hallein close to Salzburg 

The Celts started mining salt in Dürrnberg mountain near Hallein 2,500 years ago. Today you can explore the tunnels yourself at the world's oldest tourist mine. 12km on 21 horizons – as the underground levels are called – are accessible. The impressive system is 65km long.

By car it will take 40 minutes to get to Hallein. But Hallein is not only worth the trip for the salt mine, the town on River Salzach itself is very charming: in the centre and on the Salzach island you will find picturesque alleys and coffee houses. 

Perfect in all weathers

Perfect hours on rainy days: visit one of the salt mines and get ready for the fascinating underground world. We will gladly provide you with further tips for your holiday here at the hotel or respond to your enquiry. Calls us directly and we will gladly help you book your room at Hotel Seehof. 


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