Scuba-diving and snorkelling in the Salzkammergut

Discover underwater worlds

Lake Mondsee's clear water is up to 70 metre deep. In the summer the water reaches a top temperature of 26°C. Although Lake Attersee is known to be a perfect scuba-diving place, Lake Mondsee also serves as a thrilling diving area: Kienbergwand, Kreuzstein and Harnischwand are considered to be the most popular diving spots on Lake Mondsee.

Scuba-diving lessons on Lake Mondsee in the Salzkammergut
Scuba-diving and snorkelling in Austria

Scuba-diving on Lake Mondsee

Lake Mondsee is known for its dark water due to the high amount of plankton. Diving torches are crucial. You will find the best access points on the south-west lakeside. Here you will dive down to Lake Mondsee's hidden treasures together with big schools of small fishes.

Kreuzstein diving spot

This Lake Mondsee diving highlight is located between Unterach and Scharfing. Thrilling root and rock formations as well as big schools of fish can be marvelled at down here.

Kienbergwand diving spot

In the tunnel area under Kienbergwand a rock slope runs its spurs impressively down to 30 metres into the water. Another, maybe slightly surreal, highlight of this diving area are the wrecked cars that have piled up over many centuries, as well as the fallen tree trunks and a fascinating overhanging rock 17 metres deep under the water. A very special highlight is probably the old phone box 23m under the water.


Harnischwand, natural landmark, is also located between Plomberg and Scharfling and continues under the water down to Lake Mondsee's deepest point 68 metres under the surface. A mystical dive in the dark awaits you in this part of Lake Mondsee.

Information: please note that diving is not allowed at the UNESCO World Heritage site at Pfahlbaudörfer (“lake dwelling village”).

Scuba-diving in Lake Attersee

Divers on Lake Mondsee in Upper Austria
Explore the fauna of Lake Mondsee

Lake Attersee, around 2km away fro your Seehof holiday hotel, presents itself totally different than the diving areas on Lake Mondsee.

Around Lake Attersee you will find a total of 24 diving accesses that offer individual diving experiences. The Nöhmer or Alexenau accesses are perfect for practice dives; the Schwarze Brücke access is great for more experienced divers. Get an overview over the many different scuba-diving possibilities on Lake Attersee.

The clear water in the Salzkammergut is of course also perfect for snorkelling. Children will  especially enjoy making their first diving attempts here on the water surface.

Scuba-diving centre & schools in the Salzkammergut

At the Austrian Divers SSI diving centre in Unterach on Lake Attersee you will get professional support for your diving experience in the Salzkammergut.

At the Koralle scuba-diving school in the Austria Camp in St. Lorenz you will also be able to do a scuba-diving course and get a diving instructor certificate. Dates by arrangement.

The team at your 5-star Activity Hotel Seehof, right on Lake Mondsee, will gladly help you with the organisation of your scuba-diving holiday. Just call us or send us an e-mail: +43 (0) 6232 5031


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